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Pixel art on the Kin page.*cough* factkin isnt real *cough*

agenderfrnkie is the original URL of "Frank", a 15-year-old agender transmasculine (fae/it) user on Tumblr. Fae became popular among The Spicy Meme Cult when the blog was suggested. While browsing the blog, someone stumbled upon the About page, which had a link to the Kin page. Not only was "Frank" factkin with Frank Iero, fae was also kin with many other animals and characters, even including some killjoys. Somewhere in 2017 "Frank" removed faes factkin from the list.

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"Frank" was created by an unknown, evil force in the empty Frankieverse. For a while, fae was alone in the empty void, and then decided to create a blog that could be viewed through other universes.

Minutes later, the Universe Exploration Team (UET) "ファンタジ~ODD" found a strange, interactive viewing sphere.